BAM gets active with «Courage in Sports»!

BAM gets active with «Courage in Sports»!
noviembre 10, 2017 brian

BAM’s sound team of Philip von During and Sean Sbarbori mixed the 27th installment of Courage in Sports! This show is an homage displaying the world’s strongest and inspiring athletes. For over two decades this show has been broadcasting athletes who have overcome grueling obstacles and odds to achieve their greatest dreams.
BAM Studios teamed up with Intersport, a marketing agency with a specialization in sports media! Jill Leibowitz, senior producer and content strategist at Intersport, led the project through it’s post production audio mix at BAM. This installment features athletes who climb eerie heights, who ride bulls despite possible life-or-death consequences, who river raft in temperature dropping currents, and more! Take peek at the trailer below!

Courage in Sports premieres this Sunday November 12th at 2PM CT on CBS! 

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