BAM Guest Stars on MTV’s «Underemployed»!

BAM Guest Stars on MTV’s «Underemployed»!
enero 8, 2013 brian

It’s official! BAM’s Studio A is a celebrity!

It made its TV debut on the latest episode of MTV’s «Underemployed», which aired this past Saturday. While we were recording ADR for the actors of «Underemployed» over the summer, the producers loved our studio so much they decided it was the perfect location to film scenes for episode 11, «The Message»! The premise of the scene is that a fictional record label within the show, «Black Bunny Records», wants to record Raviva’s song for another artist, Pixie, at BAM Studios, but not until Raviva agrees to a compromise. We’ve included several screen shots of the episode for anyone who missed BAM’s guest starring appearance, as well as photos from the day of filming. And for our fans, who we have not forgotten, BAM will be signing autographs all week.

To watch «Underemployed», tune into MTV on Saturdays at 8/7 central!  Final episode airs 1/12/13.