BAM Is «Unbeaten» with New Big Ten Network Documentary!

BAM Is «Unbeaten» with New Big Ten Network Documentary!
octubre 17, 2014 brian

It was great to work with the Big Ten Network on mixing the new documentary «Unbeaten: The Life of Brook Berringer»!  Directed and produced by Kevin Shaw and Matt Engel, in concert with the Big Ten Network, «Unbeaten» is a remarkable film about perseverance and unexpected triumph. The documentary takes a historical look at the life of University of Nebraska quarterback Brook Berringer, an unlikely hero who led the Cornhuskers football team to an undefeated season in 1994. The film explores the circumstances that allowed Berringer to move up from second-string quarterback, his extraordinary winning streak with two national championships, and his untimely death in a plane crash two days prior to the NFL draft. BAM engineer Matt Sauro mixed and sound designed the hour-long doc. Matt says that the project is extraordinarily well-shot and edited, and he thinks that «many people will be moved by this detailed tribute.»  «Unbeaten» airs this Saturday, October 18th, at 10:30/9:30c on the Big Ten Network, after the Nebraska/Northwestern game.

To watch a trailer for «Unbeaten: The Life of Brook Berringer,» click here: http://btn.com/2014/10/13/video-see-new-trailer-for-unbeaten-the-life-of-brook-berringer/

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