BAM Mixes New TV Series «My City’s Just Not That Into Me”!

BAM Mixes New TV Series «My City’s Just Not That Into Me”!
enero 29, 2015 brian

BAM Studios has been hard at work mixing and sound designing the new reality documentary series «My City’s Just Not That Into Me»!  BAM engineers Matt Sauro, Philip von During, Dave Leffel, and Sean Sbarbori have been with the «My City» crew from the very beginning, doing mixing, sound design, and sweetening for the half-hour show. The BAM crew has been partnering with the team from Violet Media, who BAM has worked with in the past on other reality series like «My Strange Addiction».  «My City’s Just Not That Into Me» is a half-hour program that follows couples looking to «break up» with their current cities, and introduced them to the benefits of two completely new locales. For example, in one episode a married pair must decide between relocating to Tampa, FL, or Atlanta, GA, instead of staying in their current residence in Connecticut. To spice things up, host and real estate expert Courtney Poulos also takes time to find a competing property in the couple’s hometown to tempt them into staying.  The ten-episode season of «My City’s Just Not that Into Me» premiered on the FYI Channel earlier this year.

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