BAM Records «Shark Tank»‘s Lori Greiner!

BAM Records «Shark Tank»‘s Lori Greiner!
septiembre 14, 2015 brian

“Shark Tank”’s leading lady, Lori Greiner, stepped into the booth at BAM to record an interview for Success Magazine. BAM’s Brian Reed recorded the Chicago native for the session. The interview focuses on how Greiner came to find success and her position on ABC’s popular TV show. The entrepreneur shares her tales of accomplishments and failures, as well as how she came to create her empire, with the magazine . Greiner started her path to success with her first invention, an earring organizer, in 1996. After selling out of the product in the first five minutes on QVC, Greiner took off from there, creating and investing in several other products in the next two decades and earning her title as «The Queen of QVC». She even came bearing gifts for the folks at BAM in the form of the her most successful investment on «Shark Tank», the Scrub Daddy! Keep an eye out for the release of the magazine hitting news stands January 2016!

For more information on Lori Greiner, go to: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4883262/

For more information on «Shark Tank», go to: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1442550/combined