BAM «Wanders Over Yonder» with Jack McBrayer!

BAM «Wanders Over Yonder» with Jack McBrayer!
agosto 6, 2014 brian

It was a pleasure to have actor Jack McBrayer in the booth recently to record voiceover for the Disney animated show «Wander Over Yonder»!  Jack McBrayer is a popular comedian best known for his performance as Kenneth Parcell on the TV show «30 Rock.»  McBrayer came to BAM for an upcoming episode of the series «Wander Over Yonder», an animated children’s show about a space traveler named «Wander», his trusty steed, and their inter-planetary adventures of bringing fun to the universe while fighting the despicable Lord Hater. In a session with Dave Leffel, Jack recorded dialogue for his character «Wander» via ISDN with fellow characters «Sylvia» (April Winchell) and a character, «Stella», both of whom were recording at Out Loud Audio in Los Angeles.  «Wander Over Yonder» airs on the Disney XD channel, on weekday mornings at 11:30/10:30c.

To read more about Jack McBrayer, click here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1442113/

To read more about «Wander Over Yonder», click here: http://disneyxd.disney.com/wander-over-yonder