Lyndie Greenwood records ADR at BAM for «Flint»!

Lyndie Greenwood records ADR at BAM for «Flint»!
octubre 27, 2017 brian

The gorgeous Lyndie Greenwood recorded ADR at BAM with our audio engineer Dave Leffel! She’s known for her roles in beloved TV series such as Nikita, Sleepy Hollow, and Lost Girl. Lyndie joined us in ADR Stage A to record for the role of Adina Banks in the feature Flint.
This feature focuses on the effect of the toxic water crisis on local citizens of Flint, Michigan. It follows individuals, families, and the trials of this major environmental scandal. The film contains other stars such as Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, Rob Morrow, and Betsy Brandt.

Watch the trailer for the film below!

Flint premieres on Lifetime this Saturday October 28, 2017 at 7PM CT!

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