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  • The Simpsons

    Hank Azaria Records for the Simpsons

    Hank Azaria hangs out at BAM between December and January recording character after character for six episodes of the Simpsons. …

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    REEL CHICAGO – Reed’s BAM Studios Moves to a New Space

    Brian Reed’s BAM Studio has moved into Spots BME’s former audio room, the only audio room in the Midwest designed…

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    REEL CHICAGO – Stars Record at BAM

    Brian Reed’s BAM Studio is one of the city’s best kept secrets – but not in L.A. which sends a…

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    BAM Studios, Joan Cusack, «Toy Story 2» and the Oscars

    Pixar hired BAM Studios to record ADR lines with Joan Cusack for the upcoming Oscars.   Joan’s character Jessie from Toy Story 2 meets up with Tom Hanks…

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    Hey everyone …… BAM’s Blog launches today and we’ll fill it with news and events and whatever is going on…