Todos Noticias a BAM

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    Rahzel of the Roots Record at BAM

    While in town performing at the «House of Blues», Rahzel keeps his voice over career going strong.  Recording for a…

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    Screen Magazine – Will and Nicole

    BAM Studios hosted Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman for some ADR work for the upcoming feature “Bewitched.”  They were in…

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    NBC «Scrubs» ADR

    Actor Neil Flynn was at BAM Studios for ADR recording for an upcoming «Scrubs» episode.

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    «Bewitched» ADR

    Actors Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman were at BAM Studios for some ADR work for the upcoming feature «Bewitched.»

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    Screen Magazine – Sound in the Round

    Sound In The Round: Surround Sound in the Midwest Go to a movie theater these days and during the previews…

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    Screen Magazine – BAM Studios Expansion

    BAM Studios Expansion: Chicago Sound Boutique Gets A New Suite and A New Engineer BAM Studios, a Chicago-based sound boutique,…

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    REEL CHICAGO – A New Engineer

    A new engineer and a new suite for BAM Studios. Dave Leffel, formerly audio designer at Swell, joined Brian Reed’s…

  • The Simpsons

    Hank Azaria Records for the Simpsons

    Hank Azaria hangs out at BAM between December and January recording character after character for six episodes of the Simpsons. …

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    REEL CHICAGO – Reed’s BAM Studios Moves to a New Space

    Brian Reed’s BAM Studio has moved into Spots BME’s former audio room, the only audio room in the Midwest designed…

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    REEL CHICAGO – Stars Record at BAM

    Brian Reed’s BAM Studio is one of the city’s best kept secrets – but not in L.A. which sends a…