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    ABC’s «Shark Tank» & BAM team up to Draw a Cat for You!

    Chicago writer, comedian, and entrepreneur Steve Gadlin of «I Want to Draw a Cat For You» fame, stopped by BAM…

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    Film actor Hayes MacArthur said hello to his home town of Chicago when he stopped by BAM Studios yesterday for…

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    ABC’s «Wife Swap» Swaps Cities for VO Record

    Production company RDF USA brought voiceover/actorJohn Schwab to BAM to record narration for ABC’s TV Show «Wife Swap».  John, who’s from London England,…

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    ABC’s Ron Magers at BAM for Dinner?

    The Greater Chicago Food Depository has once again brought Chicago News Anchor Ron Magers to BAM to record for the…

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    ABC’s Sylvia Perez Records at BAM

    Sylvia Perez, Co-Anchor for ABC 7, recorded narration for a CLOCC Documentary at BAM.  In addition, she is also the…

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    ABC’s Ron Magers Gives Awards

    Ron Magers of Chicago’s ABC 7 was at BAM recording for the Annual Chicago Commercial Real Estate Awards Dinner.  The…