BAM’s Alejandra León Wins Sound Design Award

BAM’s Alejandra León Wins Sound Design Award
noviembre 16, 2018 brian

Alejandra León receives AICP Sound Design Award

Alejandra León receiving her award.

The BAM family is super excited to announce that our very own Sound Designer, Alejandra León, took home 2nd place in Sound Design for the AICP Midwest Camp Kuleshov competition back in October!
Alejandra was tasked with selecting up to 90 seconds of film, and recreating all music and sound effects. She chose a clip from the movie Altered States, because of the wide special effects opportunity it offered. On the other hand, her biggest challenge was having to creatively juggle between different sound projects she was working on at the same time. Regardless, she came out strong with an award. Check out Alejandra’s winning piece below! We’re so proud to have such talented people like her at BAM!

Camp Kuleshov celebrates storytelling through movie trailers, opening titles sequences, and sound design.
To learn more about the competition and its origins, follow the link below:
Also, you can check out more of our work here.