Audio Engineer Dave Leffel Featured in Chicago Magazine!

Audio Engineer Dave Leffel Featured in Chicago Magazine!
mayo 8, 2017 brian

BAM Studios’ dedicated Audio Engineer Dave Leffel was featured in Chicago Magazine!


For the May 2017 issue of Chicago Magazine, our Audio Engineer Dave Leffel was featured in an article titled «The Voice»! The article starts off by noting Dave’s distinct vocal chords. Author Rod O’Connor states, «I recognize Dave Leffel’s booming baritone the second I walk into BAM Studios». Throughout the article, the author talks about how he entered BAM Studios as a «wannabe» voice over guy. He goes on to mention his humorous experience working with Dave and the voice over industry itself. O’Connor remarks how voice over artists «surround us, aiming to inspire us, move us».
Dave Leffel joined BAM in April 2005. Since then, he’s worked as an Audio Engineer while also teaching «Beginning Voiceover» at Acting Studio Chicago. While teaching Voice Over work, he has aimed to bring the best out of every student’s voice. Dave is no stranger to Voice Over work. He is currently represented by Stewart Talent and has voiced commercials for: Fiat, Ford, Toyota, Budweiser, McDonald’s, Nintendo, Coca-Cola, and more! He has brought his experience to BAM and to those he teaches.

Dave Leffel expresses, «I think it’s great that people regard me as a good resource. I love helping a lot of people find their voice, as well as helping creative teams direct those talents». We are so proud of having Dave as a part of the BAM Team! You can read this article in Chicago Magazine’s May 2017 issue page 40!
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