5 Projects BAM worked on screen at TIFF 2017!

5 Projects BAM worked on screen at TIFF 2017!
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Toronto International Film Fest is one of the most attended film festivals in the world attracting 480,000 attendees annually! This fest has been operating for over 40 years in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This prestigious event has had premieres such as The Imitation Game, Slumdog Millionaire, La La Land, and more! Currently running from September 7 – 17, 2017, five films that BAM recorded ADR on are being showcased! We’re super excited for these films to hit cinema enthusiasts this week. Take a look at all the films we worked on and screening at TIFF 2017 below!


Hostiles is an upcoming western set in 1892. It follows a renowned army captain who reluctantly agrees to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family. They all trek through dangerous territory during their journey. BAM’s audio engineer Philip von During and assistant Alejandra Leon recorded the ADR lines of actor Jonathan Majors for this film! Jonathan Majors plays Corporal Henry Woodson in Hostiles. He’s also set to star in Captive State,  White Boy Rick, and Out of Blue. Watch the trailer above for this heart pumping western!



The Current War is a dramatic re-telling of the ruthless race between electricity titans Thomas Edison, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and George Westinghouse, played by Michael Shannon. Audio engineer Matt Sauro and assistant Sean Sbarbori recorded Michael Shannon‘s ADR lines for this film. You can see other actors starring in The Current War such as Tom Holland, Nicholas Hoult, and Katherine Waterston in the trailer above!



Alias Grace is not necessarily a film but an amazing TV series set to debut on Netflix this fall season! The show focuses on Grace Marks who was imprisoned in 1843 after immigrating from Ireland and working as a housemaid. She claims that she never murdered her employer Thomas Kinnear. This trial based on a true story sets up the mystery of whether Grace is the murderer or if she was set up. True Blood star Anna Paquin recorded her ADR lines with BAM’s Matt Sauro & Alejandra Leon. She plays the role of Nancy Montgomery in this series. Watch the trailer above to get a taste of this mysterious Netflix series!


Brie Larson is known for her academy award winning performance in Room. Now she’s made her directorial debut with the quirky feature Unicorn Store! This feature is about a female named Kit, who was recently kicked out of college and suffers during adulthood. However, one day she receives a mysterious invitation that states it will fulfill her childhood dreams. Joan Cusack, known for her roles in films like Toy Story and Working Girl, plays Kit’s mother Gladys in Unicorn Store. Joan recorded her ADR lines at BAM with Philip von During and Alejandra Leon. We can’t wait for this comedic film to hit theaters!


My Days of Mercy, also known as Mercy, is a romance/drama film starring Ellen Page and Kate Mara. The story follows a daughter of a man on death row. She eventually falls in love with a woman on the opposing side of her family’s political cause and must face the consequences on this. Elias Koteas plays Simon, the father on death row, in this drama film. He recorded his ADR lines with BAM’s Matt Sauro and Sean Sbarbori!
We’re so glad that these films and a spectacular TV series are showcasing at the 2017 Toronto International Film Fest! You can see other films played at TIFF in the link below, or other ADR work that BAM has done!
Toronto International Film Fest : https://www.tiff.net/
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