«Pod Save the People» Podcast records at BAM!

«Pod Save the People» Podcast records at BAM!
septiembre 8, 2017 brian

Crooked Media’s leading podcast, Pod Save the People, recorded in Chicago with us!



«Pod Save the People» is a podcast that revolves around social justice & politics created by Crooked Media. Crooked Media publishes differing podcast series to broaden the knowledge of the political climate today. The main host of the «Pod Save the People» podcast is DeRay Mckesson, a prominent civil rights activist. He is regularly accommodated by guests who are game changers in activist culture. They frequently speak not only of their experience within their field, but also on the steps everyone can take to further social progress.


Audio Engineer Alejandra Leon recorded the VO of the host & guests for two episodes. One of the guests included former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan with his right hand man Curtis Toler. While recording this episode, Arne Duncan mentioned his new program titled CRED. CRED is «Creating Real Economic Destiny» with the mission of starting new jobs to help end violence within Chicago. In an additional episode recorded, the first African American to hold the position of State Attorney, Kim Foxx, covered the prison system in the state of Illinois.

These podcast episodes were just recently released! Check out these two episodes of «Pod Save the People» from Crooked Media now!
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