BAM Gives Back with the «St. Anthony 2020» Media Campaign!

BAM Gives Back with the «St. Anthony 2020» Media Campaign!
diciembre 3, 2013 brian

BAM recently worked with Teamworks Media on videos promoting «St. Anthony 2020», a media campaign benefitting Jersey City’s St. Anthony High School.  This campaign is part of a greater fundraising drive intended to help the Catholic school continue providing low-cost private school tuition to at-risk students.  BAM’s Philip von During sweetened and mixed footage of NBA star Shaquille O’Neal taking a tour of St. Anthony’s, while Matt Sauro mixed PSA and brand videos for the school.  Shaq is one of many high-profile figures to express support for the school and the work it does for poor communities, including the NFL’s Bill Parcells, ESPN’s Darren Rovell, and even First Lady Michelle Obama.  BAM is proud to have worked on this project, and hopes that the campaign reaches its fundraising goal!

Watch the video here: Anthony 2020

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