BAM Studios Integrates Audinate’s Dante Into Signal Flow

BAM Studios Integrates Audinate’s Dante Into Signal Flow
abril 17, 2019 brian

Dante Spoken Here!

At BAM, it’s important that we stay on the cutting edge so we can deliver the best possible product to our clients. With that in mind, we’ve  integrated Audinate’s Dante technology throughout our facility. Dante is the industry’s preferred audio-over-IP solution and with the help of versatile audio interfaces like the Avid MTRX, Focusrite RedNet, and Tascam ML-32D. Dante allows us to send or receive multiple channels of audio over an ethernet cable rather than using a whole bunch of individual audio cables. And since the audio is on our network, we can send and receive audio between BAM’s main downtown facility and CineBAM studio located at Cinespace Film Studios!

Headphone AMP


MOM (Monitor Operating Module)

What does this all mean? We can route anything anywhere in a blink of an eye using Dante’s Controller software. The software allows us to patch analog audio, digital audio and soon to be digital video from any computer in the facility eliminating the need to run to a machine room to make A/V patches. This simplifies our workflow, adds flexibility, and increases speed, maximizing our efficiency.

Talk to one of our engineers on your next visit if you want a long-winded and enthusiastic exposition on the finer points of Audio Over IP… or just stop by for some chips and salsa.