BAM mixes Panasonic CES 2017 Show!

BAM mixes Panasonic CES 2017 Show!
enero 5, 2017 brian

This year, BAM teamed up with flow edit+design to help create Panasonic’s 2017 CES opening  for their exhibit floor presentation.

CES is a global consumer electronics and consumer technology trade-show. It  takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada and showcases the newest products from leaders in the technology industry.

The flow edit+design team executed the post production of the video, which included graphic design, 2D animations, and the editing process. After Pete Hendricks, Owner/Editor of flow, picture locked the video, it was time for BAM’s audio engineering team to shine! It was a collaborative effort! Audio engineer David Leffel recorded the voice over. Matt Sauro and Philip von During completed the sound design and sound mixing aspects. Altogether, the BAM and flow team helped finish the video in time for the 2017 CES show that opens today!

Check out the video that we created below!

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