BAM has a Barkin’ good time recording for «Paw Patrol»!

BAM has a Barkin’ good time recording for «Paw Patrol»!
octubre 17, 2017 brian

«Paw Patrol» is a Canadian animated series on Nickelodeon. BAM had the opportunity to help record VO for the Nick Jr. game «Paw Patrol : Sea Patrol«! This game focuses on saving adorable duckies lost at sea. BAM’s audio engineer Dave Leffel and assistant Alejendra Leon recorded Graydon Yosowitz’ VO lines. Graydon plays the role of Captain Ryder and instructs players on what to do in the game!
Play the game here:

Graydon also visited BAM to record VO as Captain Ryder for «LeapStart : Around Town with Paw Patrol» . Our audio engineer Matt Sauro handled his VO recording in Studio B. This book centers on solving problems within the community of Adventure Bay. LeapStart is an interactive book that utilizes a stylus which reads invisible dots on each page. These dots trigger engaging audio that includes questions, challenges, songs, jokes, and more!
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