BAM Roars with «Madzilla: Beneath the Scales»!

BAM Roars with «Madzilla: Beneath the Scales»!
agosto 26, 2014 brian

BAM is proud to have worked on mixing and sound design for the documentary «Madzilla: Beneath the Scales»!  The documentary is centered on the making of «Madzilla,» a Make-A-Wish Foundation project starring a five-year-old boy named Maddex. For those unfamiliar with the project, earlier this year the Make-a-Wish Foundation came into contact with Maddex, who had been diagnosed with leukemia in 2013.  When the Foundation asked what he wanted for his «wish», he had one simple answer…»I want to be Godzilla.»  What resulted from that wish was a collective effort by the Chicago film community to make his dream come true in the form of «Madzilla», an eight-minute action movie starring Maddex as a giant scaly monster that terrorizes the city of Chicago.  «Madzilla» was produced by Becker Film, miniGorilla Productions, and dozens of other Chicago production professionals, all of whom worked on the project pro bono.  In addition to the film, Kai Harding’s Chris Olsen was tapped to produce, direct, and edit a documentary about the making of the film, a project that transformed into the sixteen-minute «Madzilla: Beneath the Scales.»  BAM worked closely with Chris on the documentary completing both sound design and mixing for the project.  «Madzilla» and «Madzilla: Beneath the Scales» are both set to premiere at a «Blue-Carpet» event sponsored by the Make-a-Wish Foundation on Thursday, August 28th at The Music Box.

To read more about the making of «Madzilla», click here: http://tinyurl.com/msxgwv9

To watch a trailer for «Madzilla: Beneath the Scales», click here: http://vimeo.com/101011121