BAM Screams for Ice Cream with Blue Bunny!

BAM Screams for Ice Cream with Blue Bunny!
abril 20, 2017 brian

BAM worked on the Radio Campaign for Blue Bunny !


After spending time casting for this radio campaign in coordination with Blue Chip Marketing, Chloe Palmes was chosen to play the most adorable kid in history (which wasn’t hard for her at all). Audio Engineer Dave Leffel recorded the VO talent, edited, sound designed, and mixed for these spots. He recorded the VO talent, Chloe Palms, singing her heart out to the traditional baseball anthem, «Take me out to the Ball Game»! The song had a satirical rendition by changing the lyrics to mention Blue Bunny and the «hoppin» good ice cream. Sound Designer, Matt Sauro, arranged and performed the music for the spot. BAM worked on another radio spot of theirs back in 2010. It was awesome working with them once more! We’re OBSESSED with the Bunny Tracks flavored ice cream.


Listen to the one of the Radio Spots Above! It’s too cute to handle!

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