BAM Sets a Course for Yoshi’s New Island!

BAM Sets a Course for Yoshi’s New Island!
abril 20, 2014 brian

Keep an eye out for BAM’s latest work on spots for the new Nintendo 3DS game «Yoshi’s New Island»!  The new game follows Yoshi and his friends on a journey through various island levels to deliver Baby Mario to safety.  This is similar to other Yoshi games in that it has a hand-drawn and watercolor artistic style.  BAM’s own Dave Leffel recorded voiceover, sound designed, and mixed a series of spots with the team from Leo Burnett.  The spots depict «Yoshi’s New Island» game play and new weapon features of the game.  The spots were created for both TV and Cinema release.  «Yoshi’s New Island» is currently available for purchase.

To watch the spot, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTbetLBrOvQ

To read more about «Yoshi’s New Island,» click here: http://yoshisnewisland.nintendo.com/