Shoot! Magazine – Foundation Creates «Journey» for this Year’s AICP Midwest Sponsorship Reel

Shoot! Magazine – Foundation Creates «Journey» for this Year’s AICP Midwest Sponsorship Reel
diciembre 1, 2008 brian

Foundation recently conceived, produced/directed, edited, and handled the visual effects/motion graphics for the AICP Chicago Regional Sponsorship Reel ( The reel was designed to showcase over forty regional sponsor logos and was screened to as many as 1100 Midwest attendees of the AICP Show.

The AICP show spotlights commercial production and awards excellence in both conventional commercial advertising and new media. Traditionally, the Sponsorship reel openers have relied heavily on graphics to highlight the logos of sponsoring companies. When Foundation was asked to create the reel for this year’s AICP show, they wanted to do it by featuring the strengths of all of the divisions of their eclectic boutique which has an emphasis on storytelling.

Creative Director and co-owner, Samantha Hart, came up with the concept of the «journey» of the AICP tickets through a highly stylized, film noir inspired world which came to life through the cinematic vision of Steven Piet, Ben Chappell, Matthew Egan and James Lipetzky, all of whom are Foundation staff directors/editors. With graphics producer Kara Stallings and line producer Erik Crary at the helm, the entire project was completed in a record six weeks! The challenge was to tell a clever story with no dialogue and to provide enough opportunities for logo placement.

The Foundation graphics team of visual effects artist Peter Casey and Senior Motion Designers Tim Sepulveda and Jason Voke along with Brian Steckel and Jennifer Moody attacked the challenge of integrating the logos with fierce creativity while production was in progress so that the tight deadlines could be met. Post-production was spearheaded by director/editor and co-owner James Lipetzky as well as director/editor, Matthew Egan. The sound design was created by James Lipetzky and utilized a nice mixture of tracks which evoked suspense and mystery. Lipetzky and Egan also oversaw the color work done at Nolo which seamlessly married footage shot on the Red and Phantom Cameras. The mix was handled by BAM Studios.

Of the project, producer Kara Stallings says «We set everything up, from concept to completion, and did it all in-house. This was truly a homemade piece.»

Concept By: Samantha Hart
Creative Directors: Samantha Hart and James Lipetzky
Producer: Kara Stallings
Line Producer: Erik Crary
Directors: Steven Piet /Matt Egan
Director of Photography: Ben Chappell
Camera Technicians: Mike Shearon, Jim Keen
Production Crew: Ian Pfaff, Jordan Grant, Buckley Hamman
Production Assistants: Nathan Smith, MIke Miles, Austin Presley
Editors: James Lipetzky/Matt Egan
Music: 5 Alarm Music
Lead Compositor: Chris Ryan
2D Designers/Animators/Compositors: Jason Voke, Matt Crnich, Jenn Moody, Tim Sepulveda, Brian Steckle, Jamin Clutcher, Jess Carfield
3D Designers: Pete Casey, Tim Sepulveda, Matt Daly, Matt Crnich, Aaron Kemnitzer
Cameras: Fletcher Chicago
Color Correction: Nolo Digital
Mix: BAM Studios