Stacy Keach records VO at BAM!

Stacy Keach records VO at BAM!
mayo 23, 2017 brian

The Outstanding Actor Stacy Keach recorded VO at BAM!


Audio Engineer Matt Sauro along with Assistant Alejandra Leon recorded Stacy Keach’s VO lines for «American Greed«. Stacy is the the narrator of this Documentary Crime TV series. He has been narrating this show since 2008, which is almost a decade! Stacy is also known for his roles such as: Cameron Alexander in «American History X», Warden Henry Pope in «Prison Break«, and Ed Pegram in «Nebraska«.

For the past month, Stacy has not only been recording VO for an «American Greed» episode, he has also been recording VO at BAM for ESPN‘s «E:60» Promo Spot! «E:60» is an investigative journalism show that focuses on the news and issues within sports. BAM has had the pleasure of recording Stacy’s VO lines within Studio A at the Erie Location!
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