Publicaciones etiquetadas con ‘mix’

  • The mix will be ready when…

    One of the many Dave isms.

  • BAM sound designs, mixes and masters Dilemma of Desire documentary

    From the beginning of times, women have always had to go to the extra lengths to be heard. From voting…

  • BAM gets Cozy for Meijer Campaigns

    BAM has long time partnered with our friends at Blue Chip Marketing. Most recently we worked on a Meijer radio…

  • BAM Gets Life Advice with Speed Stick!

    BAM Studios worked with the Onion Labs team to sound design and mix several hilarious spots for Speed Stick!

  • BAM gift from Caterpillar

    Treats from Caterpillar!

    We love when we get surprise gifts delivered straight to us at BAM, especially this awesome gift basket from our…

  • BAM Gets Schooled by Northwestern!

    BAM sound designed and mixed a video created specifically for Northwestern University‘s Welcome Center. BAM’s Matt Sauro worked with the TeamWorks Media team to sound design and…

  • Skittles Brings the Rainbow to BAM!

    BAM Studios reduced noise and mixed the Wrigley corporate video showcasing the new Skittles factory!

  • BAM Gets Real with «Acres and Avenues»!

    BAM sound designed and mixed the latest episode for the web series «Acres and Avenues».

  • BAM gets Drafted for NFL!

    BAM helped mixed and conduct sound design for the NFL Draft Opener, airing on ESPN and the NFL Network!

  • «Wrapped» Released Online!

    “Wrapped», a short animated film that BAM’s Philip von During sound designed and mixed, was finally released online for audiences…