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  • BAM Studio C

    BAM upgrades Studio C with Digidesign’s ICON mixing console!

    BAM Studios recently finished an upgrade to their Studio C audio suite with a purchase of Avid-Digidesign’s ICON D-Command ES…

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    BAM is Always mixing!

    BAM sound designer Dave Leffel recently completed a new web spot campaign for Always with agency Digitas Chicago and post…

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    Smart gets BAM to help educate our youth!

    Jules Burke, owner of Smart Productions in Chicago, called upon BAM Studios to mix the latest series of ETA Cuisenaire…

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    BAM and Rosie team up again on her latest reality show!

    BAM Studios mixed the latest episode of «The Rosie Reality Show» airing tonight on OWN.  Episode #4 is a behind…

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    BAM and Oprah at the Oscars!

    BAM Studios and OWN TV are hitting the red carpet on Oscar night.  Well sort of ….. BAM’s Brian Reed…

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    BAM’s doing Coke and Pepsi projects this week!

    Both Coke and Pepsi are having their audio produced this week at BAM Studios with Audio Engineer/Mixers Dave Leffel and…

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    BAM surrounds Panasonic at 2012 CES.

    Nash Films and Panasonic returned to BAM Studios in preparation for the 2012 International Consumers Electronic Show.  BAM’s Dave Leffel…

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    BAM is mixing Rosie’s Reality Show!

    BAM’s been working hard mixing Rosie O’Donnell’s latest show titled «The Rosie Reality Show». The show is debuting tonight 6pm…