Publicaciones etiquetadas con ‘Philip von During’

  • FOX Sports logo Superbowl

    BAM mixes FOX Sports’ Superbowl Video!

    BAM teamed up with 321 Fast Draw to sound design and mix a 2.5-minute segment for Fox Sports’ Super Bowl’s…

  • BAM Attends AICP Awards 2016!

    The BAM team Boyband made an appearance at last night’s AICP Awards Show! As usual, it was a lot of…

  • BAM Gets Life Advice with Speed Stick!

    BAM Studios worked with the Onion Labs team to sound design and mix several hilarious spots for Speed Stick!

  • «A Series of Unfortunate Events» Comes to BAM!

    Joan Cusack recorded ADR at BAM for Netflix’s highly anticipated «A Series of Unfortunate Events».

  • BAM Camps out with Cracker Barrel!

    BAM Studios cast and recorded the V.O. for Cracker Barrel’s newest online campaign.

  • BAM Gets Real with «Acres and Avenues»!

    BAM sound designed and mixed the latest episode for the web series «Acres and Avenues».

  • «The Pod Couple» Records & Films at BAM!

    BAM worked with Epsilon on the newly launched podcast, “The Pod Couple”. “The Pod Couple” features award-winning ad giant John…

  • BAM Celebrates at NBC’s «Chicago» Wrap Party!

    The BAM team headed to the «Chicago Fire, PD & Med» 2016 Wrap Party at the Shedd Aquarium this past…

  • «Stranger Things» Happen at BAM!

    Actor Joe Keery at BAM for «Stranger Things!» Actor Joe Keery came in to BAM to record ADR for his role…

  • «Wrapped» Released Online!

    “Wrapped», a short animated film that BAM’s Philip von During sound designed and mixed, was finally released online for audiences…