Publicaciones etiquetadas con ‘Sound Design’

  • BAM went to Cannes!

    Earlier this year BAM Studio’s up and coming engineer Philip von During sound designed and mixed the short film «Formic».…

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    BAM gets mixed up with Four Angry Men

    Four Angry Men Productions enlisted the talents of BAM’s Associate Engineers Jeff Quinn and Philip von During to record all…

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    Digital Golf Network Swings Through BAM

    Digital Golf Network enlisted BAM’s audio talents to help produce their new web video.  The viral, created by DGN President…

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    Macy’s «Glamorama» Fashion Benefit 2008

    BAM Sound Designed and Mixed vignettes for Macy’s “Glamorama” Fashion benefit sponsored by  This year’s event will showcase the latest and…

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    Macy’s «Glamorama» Event

    BAM Recorded, Mixed and Sound Designed vignettes for Macy’s «Glamorama» Fasion benefit sponsored by

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    Flashpoint Academy Web

    Flashpoint Academy enlisted BAM Studios to create original sound  design for their website. The audio elements needed to match real-time…