Season 6 of Veep Premieres on HBO!

Season 6 of Veep Premieres on HBO!
abril 14, 2017 brian

BAM has recorded ADR for multiple seasons of the political comedy Veep, including Season 6 set to premiere on HBO!



Audio Engineer Philip von During with the help of Assistant Alejandra Leon recorded David Pasquesi’s dialogue for his character Andrew Meyer in Veep. The character Andrew Meyer is Selina’s ex-husband who doesn’t have the best reputation amongst her staff. Pasquesi is also known for roles such as Jack Bentley in Showtime’s BOSS and Claudio Vincenzi in Angels & Demons.


This show has been airing on HBO since 2012. It’s a political comedy series which follows Senator Selina Meyer becoming Vice President of the United States of America. Season 6 premieres on HBO on Sunday April 16th at 10:30/9:30PM CT!
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