Amazon’s «Patriot» premiered TODAY!

Amazon’s «Patriot» premiered TODAY!
febrero 24, 2017 brian

Amazon’s brand-new Action/Comedy TV Series «Patriot» premiered today, and is readily available to binge watch! This series focuses on an Intelligence Officer named John Travner who goes undercover at a Midwest pipeline company to stop Iran from going nuclear.




Audio Engineer Matt Sauro led the recording in BAM’s ADR Stage A. Actors such as Terry O’Quinn (Lost, The X-Files, Primal Fear) and Mark Boone Jr ( Sons of Anarchy) recorded ADR at BAM Studios for this show! Other actors that recorded for «Patriot» at BAM include: Kathleen Munroe, Tony Fitzpatrick, Antoine McKay, and Karen Woditsch.  Chicago Native and friend of BAM, Alex Wurman, composed the original music for the series.



Check out the trailer  by clicking the image above!


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