BAM Scores with Big Ten Network Documentary «Tiebreaker»!

BAM Scores with Big Ten Network Documentary «Tiebreaker»!
noviembre 7, 2013 brian

BAM recently worked with the Big Ten Network on its new project «Tiebreaker,» a historical documentary about the decades-old Ohio State-Michigan football rivalry.  «Tiebreaker» takes a look at the events leading up to and following the 1973 Michigan-Ohio State game, which ended in a bitterly contested tie.  The film explores both the game itself and how its results effected the rivalry for years to come.  Philip von During mixed the hour-long doc over the course of several sessions with producers Matt Engel and Kevin Shaw.   «Tiebreaker» will premiere on the Big Ten Network and BTN2Go on Saturday, November 16th, at 7PM ET.

To learn more about «Tiebreaker,» click here: http://btn.com/tag/btn-tiebreaker/

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