Publicaciones etiquetadas con ‘ADR Stage A’

  • BAM Records Nora Dunn for «New Girl»!

    Comedian Nora Dunn came into BAM Studios to record ADR for FOX’s hit series «New Girl». Dunn has been a recurring…

  • Michael Cristofer Records at BAM for «Mr. Robot»!

    Actor Michael Cristofer came into BAM Studios to record ADR for hit USA Network television series «Mr. Robot».

  • «A Series of Unfortunate Events» Comes to BAM!

    Joan Cusack recorded ADR at BAM for Netflix’s highly anticipated «A Series of Unfortunate Events».

  • Adrienne C. Moore Records at BAM for «Orange is the New Black»!

    Adrienne C. Moore is Back at BAM! Actress Adrienne C. Moore came to BAM to record ADR for Netflix’s hit…

  • BAM Records for «The Mindy Project»!

    Actress and comedian Fortune Feimster came into BAM to record ADR for hit series “The Mindy Project”.

  • BAM Records for CBS’s «Training Day»!

    BAM recorded actor Justin Cornwall on ADR Stage A for CBS’s latest pilot «Training Day».