Publicaciones etiquetadas con ‘Matt Sauro’

  • Paw Patrol Sea Patrol

    BAM has a Barkin’ good time recording for «Paw Patrol»!

        «Paw Patrol» is a Canadian animated series on Nickelodeon. BAM had the opportunity to help record VO for…

  • TIFF

    5 Projects BAM worked on screen at TIFF 2017!

      Toronto International Film Fest is one of the most attended film festivals in the world attracting 480,000 attendees annually!…

  • BAM Summer Vacation

    BAM Fam goes on Vacation in 2017!

    Work Hard. Play Hard. The Motto of the BAM Fam!     This summer of 2017, the BAM team has…

  • Audiobooks

    Awesome Audiobooks Recorded at BAM!

    Check out this list of Audiobooks that we helped record!     Isn’t it the worst when you’re wrapped up…

  • VEX Robotics

    BAM sound designs & mixes VEX Robotics 2017!

    The BAM Team sound designs & mixes the latest robotic competition «VEX Robotics»!     BAM’s audio engineer Matt Sauro…

  • Blythe Danner

    Blythe Danner Records ADR at BAM!

    The Comedic and Sweet-Hearted actress Blythe Danner recorded ADR at BAM!     BAM’s audio engineer Matt Sauro with the…

  • Stacy Keach

    Stacy Keach records VO at BAM!

    The Outstanding Actor Stacy Keach recorded VO at BAM!       Audio Engineer Matt Sauro along with Assistant Alejandra…

  • Blue Bunny Logo

    BAM Screams for Ice Cream with Blue Bunny!

    BAM worked on the Radio Campaign for Blue Bunny !     After spending time casting for this radio campaign in coordination with Blue…

  • Amazon-Series-Patriot

    Amazon’s «Patriot» premiered TODAY!

    Amazon’s new politically charged Action/Drama TV Series «Patriot» premiered today, and is readily available to binge watch!

  • Daveed Diggs records ADR for «Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt»!

    Talented singer/actor Daveed Diggs recorded ADR at BAM for Season 3 of Netflix’s hit comedy show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!