BAM and The Discovery Channel Go to “Desperate Measures”!

BAM and The Discovery Channel Go to “Desperate Measures”!
January 18, 2013 brian

BAM Studios has teamed up once again with 20 West Productions to work on Discovery Channel’s latest reality venture, “Desperate Measures”.  BAM’s Philip von During mixed 3 hour-long episodes of the TV show, the first of which is premiering tonight!  Desperate Measures will tell stories that are usually only found in Port Charles or on Wisteria Lane – tales of people so desperate to save a marriage, gain custody of their children or keep their hard-earned money that they commit unspeakable acts of murder and violence. For those looking for a mix of “Desperate Housewives” and reality television, this may be the show for you.

Tune into Investigation Discovery tonight, January 18th, at 9 PM ET to watch the premiere of “Desperate Measures”.

For more information about Investigation Discovery, go to : http://investigation.discovery.com/tv-schedules/series.html?paid=141.15376.136718.43465.x