We specialize in sound

Film, Broadcast TV and Radio, Web, Video Game and VR Projects

This is our craft

Sound Design

Our innovative sound designers can bring your project to a new level with custom sound creation and foley.

A massive sound effect server gives us lightning-fast access to the right sound for your project.

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BAM offers ADR Recording and Supervision services for TV Shows, Feature Films and Independent Films. Our four ADR stages are able to connect to studios around the world via ISDN, SourceConnect, Skype and Phone Patch. *Also known as Additional Dialogue Replacement, Automatic Dialogue Replacement, Additional Dialogue Recording, or Looping.

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BAM’s five mixing suites are armed to the teeth with powerful tools to instantly meet your needs. The finest monitoring guarantees that your mix goes to air just as it was meant to be.

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ISDN – Digital Patch

BAM makes its mark hosting flawless digital patch sessions with our pristine ISDN and Source Connect audio feeds. Need to connect to talent in Chicago? As an EDnet affiliate, we can easily connect with almost any studio worldwide.

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VO Recording – Audio Commentary

With our expertise, voiceover recording is an effortless and painless experience. Spacious and quiet recording booths assure the ultimate in comfort, and our signature floor-to-ceiling booth windows allow for transparent communication with your talent.

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Voice (VO) Casting

Chicago’s large talent pool has much to offer, and we’re constantly working with top agents to help our clients find the perfect voice talent. Need to go beyond Chicago? We can even cast talent nationally.

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Podcasting – Audio Books

Lengthy recording projects are no problem for us. We have recorded a variety of audiobooks, podcasts, newsletters, test reviews and special reports. Our comfortable suites will make any talent happy to record for days on end.

VR Sound and Video Games

VR Sound – Video Games

Virtual Reality is everywhere these days and Video Games are being played by everyone! BAM will make these projects come to life by creating original sound design and final mixing for these formats.

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Music Search & Licensing

We’ve created a custom music server designed for the utmost efficiency, so we can let the creative process happen without slowing down. Our audio librarians have over 1.5 million music tracks at their disposal giving you an incredible amount of musical options.

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Surround Sound

To bring a new dimension to any project, we offer 5.1 mixing services in all of the four audio suites. Enhance DVD, television, and cinema releases with the realism of multichannel audio. We can even bring your stereo material to a new level by up-mixing to surround.


Noise Reduction & Audio Restoration

We have forensic-quality tools to battle noise and restore problematic audio. If you’re fighting with less-than-perfect sound, we can help.