BAM Announces New Episode of “Breaking Hate”

BAM Announces New Episode of “Breaking Hate”
May 2, 2019 brian

BAM recently recorded voiceover for “Breaking Hate” which second episode airs next Sunday, May 12th on MSNBC. The documentary show follows Christian Picciolini, a former skinhead who uses his own personal journey to help others escape the movement he once helped build. In the previous episode, Picciolini brought together a former white supremacist
who participated in the Charlottesville riots with the mother of Heather Heyer, the counter-protestor killed by the car that drove into the Charlottesville crowd back in August 2017.

Christian Picciolini

The show received critical acclaim making it possible for a second episode to be produced and aired. The documentary’s strong point remains the focus of larger conversation on the issues dividing the country today and the discussion on how to start healing the wounds left behind by tragic events so we could move forward and find peace.