BAM Counts Down with MTV Tr3s!

BAM Counts Down with MTV Tr3s!
February 17, 2014 brian

BAM got a chance to brush up on our Spanish with Brigitte Canales and MTV Tr3s’ “Top 20”!  “Top 20″‘ is a music-video countdown show that plays the top Spanish-language videos of the week, accompanied by artist interviews, entertainment news, and man-on-the-street segments.  In a session engineered by BAM’s Dave Leffel, “Top 20” host Brigitte Canales came into BAM to record voiceover for an upcoming episode of the weekly series.  Ms. Canales is an actress and voiceover artist as well as a host, and is best known for her appearances in TV shows such as “The Glades” and the sports-news show “Alta Tensión.”  The two-hour show airs every Friday at 7PM, and then at various points during the weekend, on MTV Tr3s.

To learn more about Brigitte Canales, click here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3100064/

To read more about “MTV Tr3s Top 20”, click here: http://www.tr3s.com/shows/top-20/