BAM Gets “Wrapped” Up!

BAM Gets “Wrapped” Up!
May 16, 2014 brian

BAM has gone international with sound designing and mixing for the new short film “Wrapped”!  BAM’s Philip von During has been working closely with a creative team based out of Europe to do sound for a short that depicts the fall of civilization via a fast-growing super strain of plant. The film was produced as part of a thesis project by directors Roman Kaelin and Florian Whitman, as well as visual effects designer Falko Paeper.  Philip has sound designed for this group several times in the past on similar short films; he has enjoyed the unique experience of having to mix and design in Chicago while the creators were halfway across the world, using Skype and online posting as their main means of communication.  He says that despite the creative teams’ specific titles, each  had a hand in writing, editing, animating, and directing the short. “They’re really jacks-of-all-trades when it comes to animation,” said Philip.  The film is yet to be released, and will be submitted to film festivals around the globe later this year.

If you would like to view some previous work that Philip has also sound designed/mixed, please click on the links below:

“Formic” – (Short) Winner, Lion d’Or for Best Director at Cannes Film Festival 2011

“a.maize” – (Trailer) Promoting FMX in Stuttgart, is played as a pre-film video in movie theaters across Germany.