BAM Records Rachel Nichols for “Continuum”!

BAM Records Rachel Nichols for “Continuum”!
August 17, 2015 brian

Actress Rachel Nichols stepped into the studio to record ADR for Canadian series “Continuum“. BAM’s Matt Sauro recorded the actress on our ADR Stage for four episodes of her lead role as Kiera Cameron on the science fiction show. The series revolves around her character Kiera being sent back in time to change the future before it’s too late. The show is now on it’s fourth and final season, that is set to premiere on September 4th, 2015 on the Showcase channel in Canada (a release date has yet to be announced for the American premiere on the SyFy network). Nichols can also be seen on the upcoming season of “Chicago Fire”, as a potential love interest for Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney). Keep an eye out for her this season when it premieres on October 13th 2015!

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