BAM’s Largest ADR Stage at Cinespace Film Studios, CineBAM!

BAM’s Largest ADR Stage at Cinespace Film Studios, CineBAM!
February 25, 2019 brian

Studio Z Booth


Studio Z


Did you know BAM has an ADR stage exclusively for actors filming at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios?

Studio Z was designed from the ground up to accommodate the needs of the city’s growing Film and Television industry by allowing actors to save time and access the studio to record their lines as soon as they step off set. The stage is acoustically designed and built specifically for ADR and VO projects with the utmost in quality and technical specifications. It matches the look, feel, and detail of the 4 studios at BAM’s main downtown location.

CineBAM is located in the Center building of the Cinespace complex and is incredibly convenient for the clients and actor’s hectic schedules. It’s only a few steps from all the Sound Stages where most of Chicago’s Films and TV shows are produced.

Over the past few years, CineBAM has welcomed actors from the following shows:
The Exorcist
Chicago Fire
Chicago P.D.
Chicago MED