BAM reveals past work on Spanish Commercials!

BAM reveals past work on Spanish Commercials!
abril 2, 2018 brian


BAM's audio engineer Alejandra Leon working magic in Studio B!

BAM’s audio engineer Alejandra Leon working magic in Studio B!

BAM has immersed into a cultural revolution by working on commercials for banks in Switzerland, Disneyland Paris, and more including a wide array of Spanish commercials! Our very own audio engineer, Alejandra Leon, moved from Mexico to the United States to study Audio Post-Production. After interning at BAM Studios in 2013, she was promoted to audio engineer and has become a major factor in leading all of our Spanish projects. She’s done everything from helping with translations to supervising VO recordings and more! Take a look below at the commercial campaigns we’ve worked on for the Latino Market!

Toys R Us – 2 Day Sale – Spanish Spot

This Toys R Us spot from 2015 was sound designed and mixed by the audio team of Philip von During & Alejandra Leon! They also recorded the talent’s voice over for this TV spot. This commercial showcases the holiday cheer and even floating mermaids. We teamed up with Escape Pod Agency to deliver the spectacular Spanish Toys R Us campaign.

Pokemon – Strange Evil – LatAM Spot


The audio team of Dave Leffel & Alejandra Leon have tackled many Nintendo spots from Pikmin to Nintendo Switch’s Super Mario Odyssey, and now the newly released Nintendo 3DS Pokemon UltraSun & Pokemon UltraMoon commercial! This colorful commercial features VO recording, sound design, and mixing by BAM. Spotlighting a Spanish voice over, the spot is geared towards the Latin American fanbase!

Corona – Groundhog Day – Spanish Spot


Dave Leffel & Alejandra Leon have also worked on the post audio for multiple Corona Campaigns! In the spot above, you not only get to feel the warm summer vibes and the chill of the ice cold beer, but you also get to listen to the mixed work done by our audio engineers.

ADR/VO recording, editing, sound design, and mixing spots is the backbone of BAM! We’re excited to explore more cultures by working on worldwide pieces. If you have a spot that needs some flair, contact us here!

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