“The Pod Couple” Records & Films at BAM!

“The Pod Couple” Records & Films at BAM!
May 9, 2016 brian

BAM worked with Epsilon on the newly launched podcast, “The Pod Couple”. “The Pod Couple” features award-winning ad giant John Immesoete and popular media journalist Barbara Lippert discussing and debating different view points on media culture. BAM’s Philip von During recorded and mixed the session alongside the Epsilon team Jill Frank, Sadie Beaver, Jeff Landsman, Corey Ciszek, and David Shih. BAM’s Studio A booth also had a starring role on the podcast as it is where the first six episodes of the series were shot!


(Behind the scenes in Studio A, find more behind the scenes photos here: http://www.thepodcouple.com/gallery/)

Episode 1 has already been released and can be found on their website here: http://www.thepodcouple.com/ or you can check it out below!