BAM Studios Podcast Reel

• Client: Destroy The Hairdresser

• Podcast: Destroy The Hairdresser

• Hosts: Cyd Charisse and David Bosscher

• Episode: 1 “Recession? Or are You Just Bad at Business” January 5th 2023

• Record Hosts, Edit, Sound Design/SFX, Music Search/License, Produce, Mix, Produce weekly audio and video podcast.


• Client: Larry Holm

• Podcast: What About Grief?

• Host: Larry Holm

• Trailer (below)

• Record Host and Guests, Edit, Music, Produce, Mix (all episodes)


The POD Couple Podcast

• Client: Epsilon

• Podcast: The Pod Couple

• Hosts: John Immesoete and Barbara Lippert

• Episode: 26 “Activist Advertising Pros And Cons”

• Record Hosts, Edit, Mix.


The Sauce

• Client: McDonalds, Studio@Gizmodo, and Onion Labs

• Podcast: The Sauce

• Host: Catherine LeClair

• Episode: 2 “The Szechuan Sauce Riots”

• Record VO, Edit.


• Client: Epsilon

• Podcast: Conversations with Giants

• Host: John Immesoete

• Episode: 14 “David Pasquesi”

• Edit Host and Guest, Mix.


• Podcast: Shame On You

• Host: Jean Cozier and Derek Hopkins

• Episode: 3

• Record Hosts and Guest, Edit, Sound Design/SFX, Music Search/License, Produce, Mix



Talking Liberties with the ACLU of Illinois

• Client: ACLU of Illinois

• Podcast: Talking Liberties

• Host: Ed Yohnka

• Episode: 8 “Prison Shouldn’t Be a Death Sentence”

• Record Host and Guests, Edit, Mix.


• Client: Callaway

• Podcast: Rogue Moments

• Host: Bill Macatee

• Title: “Former CEO of Ford Alan Mulally”

• Record Host and Guests, Edit.


Add Passion and Stir

• Client: Share Our Strength

• Podcast: Add Passion and Stir

• Host: Billy Shore

• Episode: 19 “Closing the Empathy Gap”

• Record Guest Diana Aviv from Feeding America.


• Client: Kai Harding

• Podcast: SHOUTBOX – Life Out Loud

• Host: Chris Olsen

• Episode: 4 “Wilfredo Rivera & American Catracho”

• Record Host and Guest.


Options Industry Council Podcast

• Client: The Options Clearing Corporation

• Podcast: Options Industry Council

• Host: Joe Burgoyne

• Title: “Choosing Which Options To Buy”

• Record Host and Guests, Edit, Mix.