REEL CHICAGO – A New Engineer

REEL CHICAGO – A New Engineer
April 1, 2005 brian

A new engineer and a new suite for BAM Studios.

Dave Leffel, formerly audio designer at Swell, joined Brian Reed’s BAM Studios as audio engineer for BAM’s new, second audio suite.

“Overall, the new suite adds to our current surround sound capabilities and is conducive to our ‘one-on-one’ way of doing business,’” said Reed, who opened BAM in 1999.

BAM’s 2,500-sq. ft. studio includes the two suites, two control rooms each with voiceover booths, a shared machine room, kitchen and room with a pool table.

Both audio suites house identical Digidesign ProTools systems, an extensive digitized online music and sound effects library, ISDN and full FTP services for client sharing.

BAM Studios provides sound design and mixing for TV and film, and ADR for major Hollywood movies. A recent project was an ESPN Radio TV campaign via Z Group Films.

Clients include Altoids—a surround sound series is currently seen in movie theatres—and Sonicare/Leo Burnett, Sony/Bagby, Verizon/Burrell. BAM! has provided ADR for “The Simpsons,” “CSI: Miami” and “Toy Story 2.”

Reed and Leffel first met while developing now-defunct Skyview’s audio department to a staff of six. Reed opened BAM After 12 years at Skyview; Leffel worked at CRC before Swell.

Besides audio engineering, Leffel is a voiceover talent represented by Voices Unlimited.