Screen Magazine – Works Like a Dream

Screen Magazine – Works Like a Dream
August 1, 2007 brian

Works Like a Dream: BAM Studios Unveils Groundbreaking Sound Effects And Music Library System

BAM Studios, a high-end dual suite sound boutique based in Chicago, recently unveiled its new customized data system dubbed the Dream Server. This proprietary sound effects and music data retrieval system features expandable storage that surpasses existing audio systems.

Dream Server, developed by BAM audio engineers Brian Reed and Dave Leffel, combines new hardware and an upgraded network with audio software by Toronto-based Soundminer.

“We wanted fluid integration of all our media files in one efficient network – one that also had an easy front-end access to help speed the search and production process,” says Leffel. “There wasn’t a system that did it the way we had envisioned, so we built our own.”

Primarily a commercial audio production boutique, BAM produces work for clients such as ComEd, Altoids and CBS Sports. Owner Brian Reed has spent years researching solutions for the perfect data system in an effort to facilitate this work. After prodding production library companies and manufacturers, he was able to convince them to meet the challenge.

With BAM serving as a beta-test site, BAM and Soundminer were able to finalize the design. The result is a system that delivers digital assets directly to the end user with both Soundminer software and open standard metadata already embedded. All files are searchable and complete with full descriptions as well as composer, publisher, category and other information.

“We’ve finally realized our dream to have every sound effect and music library file on a massive server accessible to any room at BAM,” notes Reed. The Dream Server system is expandable and currently hosts over 13 terabytes of storage. It contains a library of over 1 million music files and 250,000 sound effects.

“Not only does it increase production efficiency in a session, but also most importantly it supports the creative process,” continues Reed. “Ideas can flow quickly and aren’t inhibited by searching for content or waiting for data transfer. I believe our Dream Server rivals any like system in the world and won’t be surprised when other shops follow suit.”