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  • BAM’s sound team records Foley for upcoming film!

      Check out the BAM sound team working on their latest project! 🎙️ Alex Vaca and Christian Barzallo are recording…

  • BAM, Mr. Beef and “The Bear”! Who’s Hungry?

    Wondering how an audio session can be made delicious? 🍽️ Look no further than BAM Studios, just down the street…

  • BAM introduces Barbie Pink Lemonade!

      Hi Barbie, Hi BAM. 👋 BAM introduces Barbie Pink Lemonade – your summer smash hit, now in session! We…

  • BAM… your portal to creative sound!

    BAM… your portal to creative sound. Sound for film, television, advertising, streaming, podcasts and more.

  • We mix… serious sound.

    We mix… and, well, other sound stuff too. We’ll clean up, add, remove, edit, repair, smooth, blend, and balance your…

  • Pressing record every day!

  • Audio Post Production, Chicago.

  • It’s BAM beanie time!

    It’s BAM beanie time! The BAM beanie is a popular choice among our swag, thanks to its stylish design and…

  • Together again in-studio. Simply the best!

    Clients, talent, and audio team… all together in the studio. Simply the best. 🤗

  • Talent view. Studio A. Simply the best.

    Talent view. Studio A. Simply the best.