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  • BAMda is Mixing today!

      While Brian’s away, BAMda will play!

  • A BAM Immersive Sound Experience!

        Immersive Sound Experience 🏟️🔊 Get ready to feel the roar of the crowd and the crack of the…

  • BAM mixes Tropicana campaign!

      The Juice That Starts It All. Quite the delicious story Tropicana. 🧡 🍊   Here’s some of the team:…

  • Yep, we do all this.

      Yep, we do all this. Sound Design VO Recording ADR Stage Sound Mixing Re Recording VO Casting Foley Sound…

  • BAM mixes Super Bowl spot for Jewel-Osco!

      BAM was honored to handle audio post for this Super Bowl project!  Thanks to Brad Tohtz and his incredible…

  • BAM Loop Group records for Flyover Chicago’s immersive attraction!

      🎤 Today was a fun day at BAM as we recorded loop group for Flyover Attraction’s newest immersive project,…

  • What Happens in Session, Stays in Session.

      What happens in session, stays in session. 🤐 Audio production 101. 🤫  🎛️ 🔊 🎧 📻 🎤    

  • BAM mixes “Saving Walden’s World” Documentary!

      🌍✨ Exciting news!  BAM’s handles audio post-production for the thought-provoking new documentary “Saving Walden’s World.” 🎞️ 🎥 The 90…

  • It either goes up, or down.

      It either goes up, or down.  – Brian Reed Inspired by the one and only Bill Reis.

  • On the planet? …. Wow, thanks Google!

      On the planet? 🌎  …. Wow, thanks Google!  😜