BAM Celebrates at NBC’s “Chicago” Wrap Party!

BAM Celebrates at NBC’s “Chicago” Wrap Party!
April 25, 2016 brian
NBC Wrap Party - BAM Studios

As a team, we are always looking for a reason to dress up to the nines, luckily the “Chicago Fire, PD & Med” 2016 Wrap Party at the Shedd Aquarium this past Saturday gave us the perfect occasion (as evidence of the night, here is pic of the BAM team with Marina). It was great to see another successful year come to a close while celebrating with Dick Wolf & the amazing cast and team behind the series.

Also, Brian chatted with Chicago’s mayor, Dave spent the night at the Blackjack table, Jess was mingling with the L.A team and Leah got to pet a Sturgeon underwater (Matt was M.I.A but knowing him he was probably hanging out at the food table), what more could you want from a Saturday night?

Check out BAM’s work on the “Chicago” shows as well other other awesome ADR projects here: