BAM Fam goes on Vacation in 2017!

BAM Fam goes on Vacation in 2017!
July 20, 2017 brian

Work Hard. Play Hard. The Motto of the BAM Fam!


This summer of 2017, the BAM team has traveled all over the world and has taken some BAM swag with them! We don’t always stay inside darkly lit rooms making impeccable sound! We also get out and soak in the sun rays on vacation. Check out the pictures below of our awesome audio engineers taking trips to paradise!

Sean Sbarbori – Barbados


BAM’s audio engineer Sean Sbarbori visited Barbados back in June. He navigated the ocean waves on a deluxe boat ride while drinking the local brew! Of course, he represented BAM swag with the BAM T-shirt! We’re still obsessing over his sunglasses.


Dave Leffel – Cancun, Mexico


Audio Engineer Dave Leffel went on vacation to Cancun, Mexico with his twin sons and lovely wife! They not only visited the Riviera Maya but also snorkled with the cute fish in the sea. Did you find Dory?


Matt Sauro – Florida

BAM’s audio engineer Matt Sauro visited Perdido Key in Florida with his wife’s family and adorable son! He took relaxing to a whole other level as you can see. Laying down, eating Uncle Ed’s Jambalaya, and guzzling down refreshments was just a hint of Matt’s awesome vacation.

Alejandra Leon – Mexico City, Mexico


Alejandra Leon also traveled to Mexico for this summer with her husband! Displayed in the picture above, you can see her standing against the famous Teotihuacan pyramids in the distance. Super majestic! Where is the flexing arm emoji?


We’re still waiting on BAMda to get back from his vacation this summer. BAM wishes everyone the most relaxing summer getaway this 2017!

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