For the Love of Tennis. BAM Sound Mixes Tennis Campaign

For the Love of Tennis. BAM Sound Mixes Tennis Campaign
August 10, 2020 Alefiyah Master

A game that started on the lawns of British homes has become a pinnacle sport all around the world that has produced some of the best champions. The sport is Tennis. Tennis dates all the way back to the 12th century French handballl game called jeu de paume (game of the palm). Later in the 1960s what we know as modern tennis rapidly grew to popularity and the rest is history.

Being a tennis fan and maybe even an expert, BAM’s owner Brian Reed was thrilled to partner with the creative team at Milepost 355 to work on the 5 spot campaign Tennis us.

Brian handled the sound mix on the project along side the wonderful team director/producer Kate Hurley, editor Brian Clark, and creative director Mary O’ Malley.

For Kate, this project was close to her heart as she debuted as a director. Tennis us was more than a fun and exciting campaign; it was an inspiration to never give up on your dreams and always do what you love no matter the size or how old you are because Tennis is Us. Visit to see other projects produced by Kate Hurley.

“Inspiration” :60 seconds

“For Everyone” :37 seconds

“Game On” :50 seconds

“The Zone” :65 seconds

“Love” :58 seconds