Must-Watch Halloween Films recorded at BAM!

Must-Watch Halloween Films recorded at BAM!
October 10, 2017 brian

It’s that time of year again! Autumn leaves, sticky cobwebs, eerie noises, and a slew of horror films to binge-watch at night. In other words, it’s Halloween time. Over the years BAM has recorded ADR for a number of frightful features that left us shaking to the bone. Check out our list below of must-watch Halloween flicks we worked on!

Leatherface (2017)

Leatherface is the origin story of the beloved horror series, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
In this creepy film, Leatherface escapes from a mental asylum during his teenage years. He’s accompanied by three inmates while kidnapping a nurse on a nightmare of a road trip. Our audio engineer Philip von During and assistant Alejandra Leon handled the ADR recording of Brian Terence. The ADR is during the gruesome opening scene! It’s definitely one to turn your stomach. The film comes out on October 20, 2017!

The Forest (2016)

The Forest 
is a film based on Japan’s infamous “Suicide Forest”. A woman explores this forest to locate her twin sister. However, she encounters an unworldly terror. Taylor Kinney, also known for his role of Severide in Chicago Fire, recorded ADR at BAM for this film. He plays the character of Aiden in The Forest. BAM’s Dave Leffel and Sean Sbarbori recorded this session.

Sinister 2 (2015)

Sinister 2 is a must-watch horror sequel! In this follow up, a family living in a rural house learn that’s marked for death. Lucas Jade Zumann recorded ADR at BAM for his breakout role of Milo in this flick. The audio team of Dave Leffel and Sean Sbarbori recorded this session in ADR Stage A. Watch the trailer above to get a hint of spook factor of Sinister 2!

The Visit (2015)

M. Night Shyamalan made a huge return to the horror filmmaking scene with his film The Visit. This film follows two siblings during a vacation at their grandparents’ house. Their grandparents disturbing behavior adds to the shocking nature of the film. The found footage type of filming with this narrative storyline add to the creep factor as well!  BAM’s Philip von During and Sean Sbarbori recorded Deanna Dunagan‘s ADR lines for her character Nana.
These are just a few of the horror films we’ve recorded at BAM. Be on the lookout for our top horror TV shows we’ve worked on! Stay Spooky!
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